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We are the longest running fitness facility in Champaign-Urbana for a reason. We care about our members and the results they see from working with us. When you come to the Fitness Center you become a part of our family!

  • Jamie

    “After working with the trainers at The Fitness Center I found my inner athlete

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This is Why We Are Different!

We strive to keep our members happy, you are a part of our family. There is a reason we’ve been voted “Talk of the Town” for 3 consecutive years!  You matter to us and we're 100% confident that you'll not only achieve your health goals, but you'll have fun doing it!  We are here for you and offer a wide range of services to keep you motivated.

We have the most experienced personal trainers & class instructors around town...

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We provide exceptional fully supported services with enthusiasm in an effort to help our members get fit and live a healthy lifestyle.

We have passion for helping people reach their highest potential and their fitness goals. We use research and evidence supported programing to drive our decisions.

Our promise is to create an EXPERIENCE that you want to share with your friends each and every time you work with us.



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What Actual Clients Have To Say!

  • "I use The Fitness Center whenever I'm in town. My job requires a lot of traveling. This is one of the friendliest clubs that I've ever used. I am treated like family whenever I'm able to get in. Thank You Fitness Center"

    Eli S.

  • "I've been making the thirty minute drive from Arcola to Champaign twice a week for nine years! If I wasn't totally satisfied that my time spent with Dar wasn't the absolute best workout for me, I wouldn't make the trip twice a week, Winter and Summer! Very professional staff, but fun too. More like working out with friends!."

    Anne M.

  • "A very nice facility. The members and staff are very friendly. The place has a welcoming environment. Many classes and personal trainers are available.."

    John R.

  • "Group classes are what I enjoy at The Fitness Center. The Zumba program with Jenna is second to none! The Pilates and Yoga program are both outstanding too. Also when at all possible if an instructor cannot teach ( illness etc.) they have a quality instructor sub for that class. The only downfall is that some classes have been cut due to low attendance but this hasn't affected me directly."

    Pam M.

  • "The people are the fitness center, both employees and other members, are so welcoming and open to ALL body types! I have never felt judged while working out here. I have been a fitness center member for over two years now, and i absolutely love it. There's something for everyone! Free weights, cardio machines, and awesome classes like the Grid or Marcia's strength class. I remember when I decided to try to Marcia's class she was so nice and encouraging as were the other members of the class. I highly recommend the Fitness Center to anyone looking for a new gym!."

    Chelsea F.

  • "I joined The Fitness Center in February. We were having a weight loss competition at work, and I had many pounds to lose. It was the Grid class that grabbed my attention and Josh took it over it not long after I joined. I enjoyed working with Josh so much that I decided to also take personal training sessions with him. Josh is awesome! He has helped me shed pounds and gain muscle. I have lost almost 70 pounds and gained a ton of confidence. I attribute most of this to Josh. For pushing me during the Grid class and helping me meet goals in personal training. The Fitness Center is awesome, but without Josh I would be super sad."

    Michelle R.

  • "Josh, a GRID Coach, enjoys his work. He always has a smile on his face while he is helping a client. During his class he walks around the room to see if trainees are maintaining correct posture and position. For members that find exercise difficult he shows them how to do the exercise differently, which makes the person feel more motivated. He is very patient and kind."

    Carole M.

  • "No judgement at The Fitness Center. They help me with modifications and have improved by core strength a lot."

    Matt C.

  • "Very friendly helpful staff, some beyond the call of duty. One example is the computer help that John gave me. And others!"

    Edna P.